10 Things You Get From Your Genes

Being an adult means you should now learn to take responsibilities for yourself and don’t blame your parents of happenings. Meanwhile, some of the research suggests that for certain experiences we should blame them. While your parents relate more with you and your biggest pool contributors but you can also blame or thank your ancestors and grandparents as well for the following reasons.

  1. Musical Ability

Everyone listen to music according to taste and mood. While, if people in the group have been listening to same music but their listening abilities would be different from others and takes it according to their genes. Some people hear sound better, and some would be tone deaf.

  1. Cilantro Scent

This is amazing but liking or disliking the scent of cilantro is also genetic. Some of the people like the cilantro fragrance while the other doesn’t like its particular scent and they hate it. It probably has been transferred genetically.

  1. Self-Control

Tough the environment and education plays a significant role in self-control, but studies do suggest that self-control ability is also comes through genetics. It is why some of the people have been so good in controlling emotions.

  1. Taste Buds

Those who are too choosy in food and have strong taste buds should blame their parents. As it has been converted through genes. Some of the people are too sensitive about taste and have strong taste buds which make them too picky.

  1. Athletic Ability

People who have athletic background often go on to become an athlete by their own efforts. Athletic ability is also genetic; one must have any background of any athlete. In that case, if you are that energetic you should thank them.

  1. Political Outlook

We see the Democrats and Republicans around us having a political background. It sounds amazing, but the interest in politics is also due to genetics. Even these genes program the brain to act and think accordingly.

  1. Drinking Coffee

According to studies, a person’s neuro-receptors respond whether he or she needs caffeine or not. It’s not all about that you drink coffee because your parents do and you got addicted. However, the caffeine craving is also due to genes which makes them drink coffee.

  1. Aggression Level

Your aggression level also comes from genes mostly in men. However, people treat their aggression differently, and the situations and reasons would be different as well.

  1. Exercise Effects

A group of people experiences the same diet and same exercise for same time might not see the same benefits. As everybody reacts differently to any exercise and it also comes from genes that how your body accepts the workout and what result you would have.

  1. Popularity

How much you have been liked by people is more come from your parents. People who are more popular and social must have some background or have someone who is more confident and likable by surrounding. So, one should be thankful to the genes for popularity.

All above mentioned things are based on genes and can also be improved by trying. If you think you lack something then work hard to improve that thing.